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3 Big Reasons About The Importance Of SEO For Business

The Importance Of SEO For Business

You must have heard many people talking about the importance of SEO for business. They strongly advise you to set up your business on the Internet, Or whatever type of work you do. Yes, that is totally true. SEO is very important to your business.

There are many reasons why SEO is important to your business. Today, everyone is working on SEO, and everyone is interested in it and allocating huge budgets to it. Therefore, your first compelling reason is to join this community of entrepreneurs and secure a seat with them, so that you do not miss the train.

But that is not the only reason. SEO is no longer the future, it has become the present we live in today. Look around you, all companies big and small have websites and are interested in SEO. Even freelancers do the same. but why? By the end of this article, you will know what is SEO, and what is the importance of SEO for business.

What Is SEO And How It Works?

The Importance Of SEO For Business

First, let's define SEO. SEO means “search engine optimization” and this process is several actions or improvements that you take to ensure that search engine spiders such as Google and Bing and Yahoo ... reach your website, index it, and then rank it on their pages to get On organic, free or natural traffic. The higher the position of your website pages on the first pages of search engines, the more visitors will come to your website.

SEO is divided into two parts: "SEO On-Page" and "SEO Off Page". SEO on-page happens on your website pages, for example, writing articles in an SEO-friendly way is considered SEO on-page. And also optimizing images, speeding up the website, optimizing it for the mobile version, the inclusion of keywords in pages, in links, images... all of them are considered SEO on-page.

SEO off-page It is the optimization of your website from the outside, it is not done on your website pages. SEO Off-page includes building links on other websites in your field towards your site, improving your website presence on social media platforms...and more. But link building gets the most attention for SEO off-page.

The Importance Of SEO For Business

The Importance Of SEO For Business

SEO is very important for your website, no sane person would disagree. but why? There are many benefits that SEO brings to your business. The first is that it gives you free traffic to your website. You do not have to pay money to advertising companies to get traffic to offer your services, it is different with SEO. It also increases the trust of your brand with potential customers. When a visitor comes via organic traffic, he knows you're a professional in your business and worthy of trust. That is because you did not offer him your services, but rather he searched to find them. You can also rely on SEO no matter how small your budget is. Let's explain all these things in detail.

1. Free traffic

When we talk about the importance of SEO for business, the first thing we should think about is free traffic. When you optimize your site for search engines, you have ensured traffic to your site, and you have not paid even a penny. The traffic that you get from search engines is very targeted, and they are also able to pay money on your site very easily because they are originally looking for that thing that brought them to your website. Because that person is the same person who wrote in the search box on Google that keyword that you optimized your site for. The natural result, in this case, is that search engines will nominate your website to meet the desire of that searcher. Anyway, he is the one looking for you, and he organically found you and not with publicity. So you are a trustworthy choice for him.

That's the first thing you should think about when you want to start an online business. is the traffic. If you focus on optimizing your website for search engines, traffic will not be a problem for your project. You will also increase the visibility of your website, and increase your brand awareness. This means more potential customers for your project.

2. Customer trust

Confidence should be one of your goals when working on search engine optimization. Like I said earlier when you build your brand authority And make your website rank on the first pages of search engines. These things will help increase the credibility of your brand. Because this success will not be achieved overnight. It takes a lot of hard work, and it takes a lot of time. You deserve the trust of customers, as long as you have the confidence in the algorithms of the search engines.

Make sure to build a strong strategy to increase the trust of potential customers in your brand. Also, be sure to create a positive user experience for the customer, to build up your brand's reputation over time. As I said earlier.

3. Low cost

Compared to all the alternatives that can replace SEO. SEO is the least expensive of them all. It's also not a complicated science, it's just some techniques that you can learn on your own, apply on your website, then monitor, and get results. But beware! If you decide to hire an expert in SEO to replace you, you will pay a lot of money. SEO is a high-income skill, so I advise you not to use anyone else and rely on yourself. Because it will cost you a lot of money, and you really need it.

You can do it on your own, it is only worth experimenting and improving. And you'll see that you've found a goldmine of upcoming visits without paying a penny.

SEO experts' costs are very expensive. This is due to the nature of the service they will provide to you. They will improve your website for at least 3 months. Every day they build links, write articles, market the website... let's be fair, it's really stressful and it's well worth the money. But beware, if you search well for someone to help you, you will find people who offer this to you for a very small fee. They are using technics that Google absolutely rejects. They can lead to your site being penalized. That's very dangerous for your website. Do it alone, it's not difficult. Also, the result you will get is worth some effort.


SEO is a very exciting thing. Its cost is very small, it is almost non-existent, and its benefits are so many that it is almost a partner for you in your project. Paying attention to SEO for the success of your project is the right decision, take care of it well because it is in itself a high-income skill, as I mentioned previously. You can also provide this service and make a lot of money. Most importantly, good luck with your project.