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Why SEO Is Important For Businesses? This Is The Best Answer

Why SEO Is Important For Businesses

SEO always revolves around many questions from the website owners, whether commercial or blogging or whatever the type of site! Always when anyone wants to start a business, many specialists advise him to pay attention to SEO. but why ?

why SEO is important for businesses?

SEO is one of the best sources that can bring you free visits without paying a penny, so many website owners are interested in it and rely on it to attract visitors to their sites, and even invest huge money in it to improve it. Although it is difficult, it is worth all the effort put into it due to the wonderful results.

Today in this article, we will answer many questions that many beginners are looking for an answer to.   Why SEO is important for businesses? is SEO part of digital marketing?  what is the SEO results time frame? and what is the SEO budget?

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Why SEO Is Important For Businesses

Why SEO Is Important For Businesses

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) or Natural Referencing is the art of establishing a good position in search engines in order to increase the visibility of a site. It's an essential component of a good digital marketing strategy.

So why SEO?

When you create a website, whether it's a showcase site, merchant site, or blog, it drives traffic and gets seen! There are many ways to generate traffic on your website, but implementing an SEO strategy remains the best way because it is inexpensive, improves the user experience, and gives your site online visibility in the long run.

If you are a digital marketing agency but your site is not well-positioned on a “digital marketing agency” query, your potential clients wanting to use an agency will pass through your site and contact your competitor directly, who will do so efficiently on-site (technical and content) and off-site (linking web, social networking, etc) SEO improvements.

Search Engine Optimization Ranking: SEO Strategy In Digital Marketing

Implementing a traffic acquisition strategy is a good thing, but if the traffic obtained is not qualified, it will not increase your sales and therefore your sales volume (in the context of e-commerce). By qualified visits, we mean visitors who are interested in the themes, products, or services of the website. It is better to have 10 visits per day which lead to 2 conversions than to have 100 which leads to 3 conversions.

By implementing a good natural referral strategy, you can attract more traffic and highly qualified traffic. In fact, if you provide high value-added content on your website, your internet user will refer to it and they will have a much higher propensity to convert as a result.

You should know that a user who is looking for a specific answer to their query will click 40% on the first result of the search engines. So it is in your best interest to be there to attract qualified visitors.

You will also need to work on very specific keywords to attract qualified traffic. If you are doing your SEO on a keyword like “digital marketing agency in New York”, if you are in a good position in that query then there is a good chance that the traffic you are attracting qualifies, because in active search for a digital marketing based agency in New York.

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SEO Results Time Frame

SEO Results Time Frame

Getting results in organic references (or natural references) is not easy. You will have to redouble your efforts, be persistent in these efforts, and arm yourself with patience to finally see results, which will persist in the search engines. Otherwise, you can always delegate these tasks to a digital marketing agency, an expert in natural references.

Optimizing your site properly in SEO takes time, but once that site is well positioned, it has a good chance of holding that site for a long time.

Unlike SEA (paid referral) which brings in punctual traffic (when a SEA campaign breaks, the site stops appearing on the first page of SERPs) and can lead to significant costs.

Therefore, SEO references are an essential investment for any company that has a vision for the future and wants to appear on search engines for the long term.

A company with a well-referenced website also stands out from the competition by positioning itself as a leader in its field on the Internet. Users who write “digital marketing agency” will have more confidence that the agency will position itself first on SERPs (search engine results pages). Being a good reviewer in search engines and social networks greatly improves your brand image on the Internet.

Once your site is well flagged, you will have to continue, at the risk of losing positions, to produce fresh and engaging content to show Google's bots that you are still providing added value to your users and that you are experts in your topic.

You will need to follow query trends using tools like Google Keyword Planner to fine-tune your content and reach potential audiences.

SEO budget

SEO budget

SEA is a very effective digital marketing method to get qualified traffic very quickly to your website. However, this movement has a cost and requires significant financial investments. In order to save on your SEA budget without causing a drop in traffic to your site, you can use SEO.

Implementing an organic SEO strategy can significantly improve the Quality Score (or Quality Level) of your site pages. A page with a good Quality Score will lower the cost-per-click (CPC) for your SEA campaigns and will affect the placement of ads better in search results than competitors with a lower Quality Score.

Plus, by working on SEO, you can easily reallocate your investment in a more relevant way. For example, if your site is placed in the first organic position in the query "Digital Marketing Agency", you can effectively cut SEA investment in that query because SEO is already giving you that desired presence.

Is SEO Part Of Digital Marketing

In many sectors, SEO (Search Engine Optimization), the art of positioning content well in search engines, is still seen by marketing departments as a specialty of digital marketing, and sometimes it is defined as a sub-field of marketing.

The first significant distinction between SEO and digital marketing is that SEO is a technology utilized in digital marketing. And if you want to start marketing for your website, you have to start with SEO first. A properly search engine optimized site will provide a good basis for all other marketing activities.

The second difference is how your website generates traffic. SEO tries to get a site to appear in the top positions in crawlers like Google for certain keywords.

The higher the page in search engine results; the Free organic traffic is higher, while digital marketing mainly focuses on paid traffic and uses PPC ads (Google Ads or Facebook Ads) and other marketing tools depending on the company's budget.

Another difference between search engine optimization (SEO) and digital marketing is regarding funding. In this regard, let's take a preliminary look at SEO.

  • SEO cost

If the website is optimized correctly, it will start to appear in the top positions in the search engine results, and of course, you will increase the unpaid organic traffic. The only other expense is to pay the SEO specialist on a monthly basis.

  • Digital marketing cost

However, digital marketing does not stop at paying for specialized services. Digital marketing can cost up to a few thousand per month. For example, if a website appears on the first page of Google, or if a company's ad appears on Facebook, then all paid advertising and ad campaigns are highly dependent on the company's budget. Once the entire business budget is exhausted, advertising stops and the business loses the online traffic and benefits of being placed on the first page of Google.