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Top 8 SEO Tips For Blog Posts For Success In 2022

SEO Tips For Blog Posts

In order to be visible on the web, it is necessary to have a website - even with a simple display page - to show its presence. However, this page is not very relevant if it does not appear in Google search results (the so-called SERP) to be shown to Internet users. To achieve this, SEO optimization is necessary. Several procedures then have to be put in place in order to make your site look SEO optimized using the keywords selected upstream.

Search engine optimization does not happen overnight. Rather, it is the result of hard work for more than half a year in order to gain some privileges with Google and be ranked at the top of the list. Therefore, you must learn many things about Google and search engines in general, and be equipped with a weapon of knowledge of how to succeed in the field of SEO and excel in it. It is not difficult, but it takes work and effort

In this article today, we will provide you with the most important SEO tips that you should be aware of before launching your website. Discover 8 tips to put on your website to be visible on the web and win potential customers.

Tip 1. SEO Bases

SEO Tips For Blog Posts

To improve natural references, each page should contain a specific keyword. The content around these must then be worked on using an appropriate semantic field. The goal of these actions is to show Google what the page is about. In this way, they can be distinguished on search pages when Internet users type in the keyword in question.

In addition to having a site optimized for SEO, it is important to be an expert in your field. So the relevance of the content is especially important. In fact, if you know a subject like the back of your hand, you will be able to write about it, accurately describing what it looks like using precise and technical vocabulary. It is then necessary to work on content marketing to obtain high-quality content according to each professional activity.

The ideal is to have an editorial strategy based on your website's goal and keywords to improve its SEO. This editorial strategy involves creating an editorial streak for creating blog posts and making consistent posts on social networks.

Tip 2. SEO Technic: Meet the technical standards imposed by Google

SEO Tips For Blog Posts

The website page structure is not limited to the visible part that can be discovered directly on the website. To improve your SEO, you should also add some details when creating your page.

For example, it is important to complete:

  • TITLE tag your page,
  • URL with keywords
  • Keyword

These elements make it possible to fulfill all the commitments of the website so that it more easily stands out on Google. Having a site optimized for SEO works in an accurate way to get results. To incorporate these elements, it may be necessary to use a website builder agency. If necessary, you have a selection on the site sorting list.

Tip 3. SEO Strategy For Mobile Apps: Own a responsive version

SEO Tips For Blog Posts

More than half of your visitors access your pages via a smartphone or tablet. The computer is no longer the only tool through which visitors can discover your website. To improve your SEO, it is imperative that pages are adapted to all these media. It is then necessary to have a "fully responsive" version, that is, adaptable to different screen sizes, without losing the content of the pages.

For this, tests are planned on the CMS hosting your website. If you don't know how to use it, it is highly recommended to contact your service provider in order to get your site optimized for SEO more easily.

Tip 4. SEO Content: Have fresh and regular content to improve your SEO

SEO Tips For Blog Posts

To be visible on the web thanks to good natural references, it is not enough to follow Google's recommendations when creating pages. It is essential to maintain your site daily so that it continues to appear in Google results.

It is important to have an editorial line so that you can regularly add content to your website. Most often, websites add a "blog" tab or a "news" tab so that you can easily create high-quality content. These new pages must follow a specific keyword. If you're lacking in ideas, you can go to the online tool Answers on the answer's website to work on your own content on the same topic.

If you don't have a blog tab, consider creating introductory documents. These materials should be downloaded to your website by your website visitors on topics that you are proficient in.

Tip 5. Check The Page Load Time Speed

SEO Tips For Blog Posts

What to do if the page is taking too long to load? The page closes and leaves the site. To have an SEO-optimized site, it is essential to pay attention to this indicator when creating your pages. To do this, you have to monitor the size of your images and videos so as not to burden your browsing speed too much inside your website. It is then possible to compress its files to improve SEO.

Finally, take the time to add your social network profiles to increase your traffic in the first weeks of your website's life.

Tip 6. SEO Internal Link: Improve your intranet

SEO Tips For Blog Posts

In web marketing, the intranet identifies all the links that connect the different pages of the same website to each other. This practice aims to improve site navigation and thus user experience and is also part of good SEO practices.

An effective internal link allows search engines to access some of the less visible pages of a website. Demonstrates consistency and integration between different site pages.

Therefore, intranets are essential, as they guarantee the quality of navigation on your site.

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Tip 7. SEO Backlinks: Develop links to your site

SEO Tips For Blog Posts

Internal links are very important for a good reference to your site, but external links are just as important!

Also called backlinks, they allow Internet users to be redirected through a link (link) to your site.

To better understand the concept of backlinks and how Google views them, we can say this:

When a site sets up a backlink to redirect to your site, Google interprets it as a guarantee of quality. Since Site A recommends Site B through a backlink, Site B must be relevant. »

This is even more true if you can get backlinks on influencer sites.

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Tip 8. SEO Images: Optimize your web page images

SEO Tips For Blog Posts

Without talking about referring to the reference, it is necessary to choose your images well, they dress up your content and allow you to capture the attention of your readers.

When talking about SEO for an image, here are the different criteria to keep in mind:

  1. Filename: Enter a simple, short name that says your content well. In writing it, avoid special characters, "_" as well as capital letters;
  2. Alt tag: Also called "alt text attribute" or "alt text", it allows you to provide a brief description of your image;
  3. Caption: It must not match the Alt tag. It's a short text that lets you add a caption and helps Google put the image in context;
  4. Size and weight of your image: The weight of your images affect the SEO of your pages because an image that is too heavy to load will have a negative impact on the overall position of your page. It is considered that the maximum weight that an image must not exceed is 200 KB.

In the end, having a site optimized for search engine optimization (SEO) requires work. You must know Google exactly to meet its requirements.