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What Is Domain Authority Meaning? The Best Answer On 2022

Domain Authority Meaning

It is always better for your website to appear in the first search results. There are countless benefits to your website. You will be able to get traffic to your site effortlessly and for free. It depends on what is called SEO. Working on improving it is not easy, it will be a bit tedious and requires some time to prove its effectiveness. This can be normal or paid.

Your SEO is based on different criteria. It is regularly updated by search engines. Google in particular has very specific prerequisites. Among them, is the Web Domain Authority.

So, what is domain authority meaning? How is domain authority calculated? what will the domain authority do to you? Why domain authority is important in search engine optimization? How To Improve Your Domain Authority? all these questions we gonna answer in this article. stay with us

Domain Authority Meaning

Domain Authority Meaning

What is Domain Authority

In the context of natural referral or SEO, domain name authority corresponds to the "trust" that Google gives in terms of the quality of the content. The authority designated by Google can be general (journalistic site) or related to a specific field of activity (niche site).

Elements that may contribute to domain name authority could be:

  • Age of the site/domain
  • Quality of content determined by Google filters
  • Quality determined by Google Raters
  • The number and quality of backlinks
  • The freshness of the content
  • Bookmarks on Google Chrome
  • Branded Inquiries
  • Discover offline signals
  • ...

All other things being equal, if two sites put two new identical pages on the Internet, the page with the best authority is likely to be in a better position. The authority given to a website can also favor certain forms of presence in Google's SERPs (rich snippet, featured snippet, knowledge graph, etc.)

Domain name authority also contributes to the value of backlinks/external links they can give to other sites and thus influence networking strategies.

How is domain authority calculated

Moz takes into account about forty parameters to calculate this force, without covering all the parameters. Among the factors used in particular is the quality of the external links that your site generates.

Having a quality link pointing to your site, in an article from a major site like The Washington Post, is considered by Google as a vote of confidence from The Washington Post (powerful domain authority) for your website. A vote of confidence that Google will consider ranking your website before sites with lower quality links.

The amount of links pointing to your website is also counted, but it weighs less than the quality of the links. As much as possible, always prefer high-quality links from high DA sites.

What will the domain authority do to you?

Measuring the DA of your site can, among other things, be useful to you for:

  1. Learn about the credibility that search engines have given you, as we mentioned earlier,
  2. Compare your site with other sites in your sector,
  3. Know your position in relation to the competition,
  4. Find out if your site is performing well enough in terms of SEO,
  5. Define your marketing strategy and content strategy better...

Know that you can find out your website's authority score with Moz's Link Explorer.

Domain Authority vs Page Authority

Like every website, each page, individually, also has its own "power": this is called page authority. Let's take an example: a jeweler famous for the quality of his semi-perpetual rings. A page dedicated to designing this type of ring can have a very strong authority because his expertise in that specific topic is recognized, but his entire expertise on the site may still have medium/low domain authority.

So our jeweler will be satisfied seeing that his page dedicated to the rings is considered important and that it is regularly referenced and even referred by other sites.

At the same time, it is entirely possible that the content related to her earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and brooches will remain low in Google results. High page authority and medium/low domain authority, on the same site, do not conflict. In the long run, it is recommended that you do more to increase your domain authority than to increase the authority of a single page: a strong domain authority will allow all of your pages to perform well in Google.

Why Domain Authority Is Important In Search Engine Optimization?

Domain Authority Meaning

A few years ago, Google ranked web pages more than sites. The main metric that SEO experts tracked was PageRank, which was also introduced by Google.

Increasingly, Google is also evaluating your site's overall reputation, through your content and your networking. Hence it values ​​your credibility and not just the content of the page in question.

Thus, when a potential customer searches for a very competitive topic, high domain authority will be necessary to raise your page and secure a seat on the first page.

For example, in a very competitive search query like “women’s shoes”, which is searched more than 70,000 times per month on Google, we can easily see that global sites that are gaining in popularity are the ones that are at the top of the search results. And that the medium or weak sites do not do this. Although perhaps the product offered by these medium sites will be of higher quality and more aesthetic for customers than that which will be in the large sites. But that is not enough for search engines. Google puts its trust in these global sites because they have high domain authority. Weak websites will have to work hard to secure a seat on the front page.

In this type of request, creating good content on the page you want to improve will not be enough, you have to work on the “global” reputation of your site.

The higher your DA, the more your site will be considered strong and credible in the eyes of Google, and therefore you will have a better chance of getting on the first page of search engines. The site's domain authority is considered to be a strong DA of 50.

Pro tip: The scale from 0 to 100 is logarithmic, which means it is easier for a site to gain 10 points between 20 and 30 than between 60 and 70. The more powerful your site is, the more complex it is to gain additional points in domain authority terms.

How To Improve Your Domain Authority

Domain Authority Meaning

Improving your domain authority corresponds to improving your natural references. Therefore, it is necessary to optimize all technical aspects of SEO on your websites such as title tags, meta descriptions, link structure, images, and web pages with a minimum of 400 words.

Title tags and meta descriptions should always be improved because these snippets are the first things a user will notice about your website on search engines.

In addition, it is especially advisable to choose a keyword for each page of your website in order to optimize a page for a single keyword. This allows search engine crawlers to understand what each web page is about. The link structure is also important because by optimizing the web page with the keyword of web marketing, much better SEO will be obtained if the term appears in the link.

Thus domain authority will be improved if the basics of natural references are applied to the site.

High-quality content

One of the basics of SEO also includes website content. Providing high-quality content gives a website a better chance of positioning itself on search engines. Thus, it is important that each indexed page (pages that search engines can place) contains at least 400 words (500 best and 600 best)

However, you should not stop at the main content of your website (i.e. service pages, etc.) because search engines will rate a regularly updated site better than one that has not been updated since its inception. So creating a part of the blog is necessary to prove not only to Internet users but also to search engines, all your expertise.

High-quality content, respecting the rules of SEO writing, undoubtedly contributes to the improvement of natural references and can thus be a positive factor for domain authority.

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The internal link

High-quality content also makes it possible to create an effective intranet. Internal linking means linking your web pages together. For example, when writing an article about web agencies in Montreal, feel free to include a link on your service page (if, of course, you are a web agency).

The internal link shows users and bots that your website makes sense. In fact, by being a web agency, you can have pages on natural reference, online advertising, and web design. So, linking to each of these pages, allows search engines to understand your domain.

The intranet also enhances navigation among Internet users because they know they can find additional information by staying on the same website.

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External links

As mentioned earlier, domain authority includes the number of external links a site has. Getting links is one of the SEO strategies that you should work on regularly in order to prove once again to the search engines that your website contains relevant content to offer to internet users.

You can get many links to your website if you provide high-quality content through articles. External links have a very positive effect on natural references. However, care must be taken to ensure that every external link is a trusted link. As we've shown you, domain authority includes the Moz Trust rating. So if you get an external link from a bad site (spam or ad site), your SEO will be negatively affected.

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