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What Is SEO Link Building ? That Is The Best Answer

what is seo link building

Since the launch of Google, websites no longer have to register with search engines, as the new Google algorithm scans websites based on incoming external links. Thus, SEO professionals have the opportunity to positively influence the ranking of their websites by collecting these links.

Previous tests have partly shown that it is possible to increase rankings faster by building links. Thus, a new branch of SEO has appeared, dealing primarily with the purchase of external links. The dark side of link building appeared at the same time, as questionable link building methods, such as setting up automated backlinks, link calls, as well as buying and selling, are used extensively.

What does SEO link building mean? What options do you have for building backlinks to your site? and why is it important? If you don't want to build links, what is your alternative? follow the article with us in order to find out the answers.

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What Is SEO Link Building?

what is seo link building

Google's ranking algorithm is constantly being improved and developed. Nowadays, a random link is often caught quickly. Search engine providers point out that backlinks are still an important ranking factor for search engines. The Google Webmaster Guidelines expressly prohibit active link-building actions, as they could be construed as an attempt to manipulate. According to Google, webmasters should get recommendations in the form of links.

Since the major algorithm change, especially the Penguin update in 2012, many websites have been penalized for having low-quality backlinks, automated or paid links. As a result, many websites have seen their rank drop or have been removed from the Google index altogether. This update once again demonstrated the importance of high-quality backlinks. Google now has a tool in the central webmaster that checks links to your website.

Link Baiting, What Is It?

what is seo link building

Link baiting is a search engine optimization (SEO) strategy that relies on creating high-quality content. In fact, baiting links or "link fishing" are links that point to content on your site, from other sites, without asking their author. This is fully included in your internal marketing strategy.

Link baiting is a form of getting targeted incoming links by creating relevant content that can be of three types:

  1. Especially original and qualitative content
  2. Some news
  3. Timeless content

Therefore, link catching is a component that must be put into your strategy to get qualified links and achieve your SEO goals.

What Are Your Options About SEO Link Building?


what is seo link building

There are a number of options for getting links back to your site from other web pages. Here are the most popular link building methods:

Do not do anything. Good content gets links from its users:

According to Google, this is really the best way to generate links. The content of web pages should have added value so that users recommend the information as backlinks to their own page.

Entries in web directories and articles:

It was a simple and free manual, semi-automatic or automated link creation method. Today, this method is rendered useless because the Google search engine recognizes backlinks in article directories and is generally ignored.

Entries in the corresponding forums:

Backlinks are usually created by setting up a forum signature, where you have the option to leave a web address. If you post messages in forums, you create backlinks to your website. However, this type of backlink generation is very well known and is largely ignored now.

Blog Comments:

Many blogging systems allow you to refer to a web page in the comments section. When you post a comment on a blog, a cross-reference to the commenter's website is created. This method was widely used as a spamming technique because it generated automatic or manual blog comments that weren't really helpful.

Link exchange

If it is well thought out, it is a popular and free method that can work very well. Two websites exchange links whose exchange is coordinated. The advantages are that you yourself can search for explicit websites where your link can be published, located in the text, or selected directly. In many cases, Google discovers this method, especially since the latter notes reciprocal links on pages.

Buy links

Many website owners have turned this link-building sale into a service. This method is completely rejected by Google. The latter has already warned that it will exclude any buyer and seller of links from its search index.

Why Is Link Building So Important?

what is seo link building

For a business, links are incredibly important because they influence how Google ranks web pages, which can increase or decrease a company's business. Google suggests that a company that wants to improve its ranking should increase the number of external links coming from high-quality sites. Basically, the more quality links you have, the more trustworthy your site will be in Google's eyes and the higher your ranking will be.

Degrees of parting

First, it is important to take a look at technical SEO, also known as On-Page SEO versus Off-Page SEO. As we know SEO is all about getting attention to your page. On-page SEO is centered around your own page or website, and you can play with your keywords and keyword phrases, optimizing your titles and meta tags to make them as visible as possible.

Off-page SEO is the art of network publishing and is also known as link building. With off-page SEO, the idea is to publish an article or blog on an external site with a link back to your site. This means that readers who search for other sites are then directed to your site. So it is really important to invest in order to get high-quality links to your page or site.

What are high-quality links?

As of 2019, the site you link to must be reliable and contain relevant content to be considered "high quality". This means that it is not a good idea to just throw as many links on your site as possible, because Google will make sure to contact you asking for clarification, or you will be automatically penalized. So companies must work on their reputation and visibility in order to form strong links with other sites.

Do Follow / No Follow

We will now look at two of the most important types of links: No Follow and Do Follow.

No follow: These are links with the HTML tag rel="nofollow" attached to them.

The nofollow tag tells search engines to ignore the link, so it has no effect on rankings.

Do Follow: These links allow Google (and other search engines) to follow them in order to reach your website, which then gives you a backlink. If the webmaster refers you to your site using this link, search engines and users will be able to reach you.

As you can imagine, Do Follow Links is the holy grail of link building for many businesses.

Domain Authority

what is seo link building

These rather confusing terms are the ones you'll come across often, so you better get used to them. Here is an overview:

Domain Authority: The data is used to rank a site from 1 to 100 using an algorithmic operation. It does so by considering a variety of criteria, including:

  • The number of external links to the site
  • The number of internal links
  • Reliability (or quality) of links
  • site popularity
  • The importance of sites

Trust Feed: Assigns a score to a URL or domain based on the quality of its external links. In short, Trust Feed measures the trustworthiness of your site by the credibility of the sites it links to.

What Is The Alternative Of Link Building?


Thanks to improvements in Google's algorithms and early detection of link tampering, it has become increasingly difficult to get high-quality cross-references from other websites. Therefore, the direction is content creation and marketing, which is called content marketing. The goal is to provide added value by providing interesting information: thus the content will receive a large number of links and will be mentioned often. If the website content is a real advantage for the users, it will also be highly appreciated by the search engines and is better referenced.


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