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This Is Your SEO Off-Page Strategy To Optimize Your Site In 2022

SEO Off-Page Strategy

To improve your position on Google and thus increase visibility, traffic, and sales in your online store, natural references (or SEO) are essential. Find out in this article the difference between on-page and off-page SEO and why off-page SEO is also very important for your business.

Search engine algorithms and SEO factors are constantly evolving. In this sea of ​​changes, natural references are a lifeline, and constant for anyone looking to improve their website's ranking in the results of a search engine like Google (SERP).

If you have a website, then you definitely know the importance of SEO. However, you may not yet know that there are two types of SEO: on-page SEO and off-page SEO. But do not panic! We tell you all you need to know in this article today.

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SEO Off-Page Strategy

On-Page And Off-Page SEO: What's The Difference?

To shed light on off-page SEO, it is first necessary to explain the difference between it and on-page SEO.

On-page SEO includes all the optimization actions that you can take on your page to influence Google's perception of your site and, in turn, your ranking in SERPs. Some of these mentioned procedures are:

  • Quality content (such as product descriptions)
  • Choose keywords
  • Presence of photos, videos, and graphics on your site

Conversely, off-page SEO is based on actions outside your website over which you have little or no influence. In this case, search engines rely on signals from outside your site to determine the position of your page:

  • Links pointing to your page
  • Interactions with your social networking site
  • Consumer reviews

What Is the Importance Of Off-Page SEO For Your Business?

In order to improve your site's ranking, it is important to improve both on-page and off-page ranking factors equally. Never forget that search engines want to provide the best possible results to Internet users. External signals are important because they tell search engines how users see the page. In other words: Off-page SEO can increase the relevance, reliability, and authority of a website.

Think about it, it makes a lot of sense: if another site praises your brand and recommends your products, the source will automatically be judged objectively and reliably, because the judgment does not come from someone directly related to your business.

Off-Page Strategy: 4 Off-Page SEO Steps

SEO Off-Page Strategy

4 Steps to Off-Page SEO

Here are 4 off-page SEO steps that will help you improve your online reputation and increase your visibility and organic traffic in 2021:

  1. Link building
  2. Social networks
  3. Forums
  4. Customer opinion

1- Link Building

Link building is a search engine optimization (SEO) technique that aims to increase the number of links to a page. Link building should form the basis of your off-page SEO strategy: the more backlinks you get to your site, the more domain authority you have. Remember that quality is more essential than quantity always

But we already mentioned that off-page SEO is something you can't directly influence. So what can you do to make sure the number of links to your page increases?

Guest post

Guest posting consists of writing an article for an external page (eg a blog) where you can insert one or more links to your website. In this scenario, the links are referred to as backlinks. This is the most widely used link-building technique.

Note: It is important to choose a page that has the same target group as yours and deals with similar topics! This way, the backlink will have a greater impact on your Google rankings. Remember that it has to be a 'Dofollow' link for it to have any value for your site.

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The advantages of guest posting, in addition to backlinks, are the ability to reach a new audience and confirm your site as an expert on a particular topic.

Redirect broken links

Broken links are links to a page that is no longer available (404 error page). If you find a page that links to your site but has a broken link (because the URL has changed, for example), contact the site operator and provide the correct link to your site!

Since 404 error pages are displeased by search engines and lower the search engine ranking of the page, the site operator is more likely to accept your suggestion, if appropriate.

There are many free tools for finding broken links, such as Google Search Console or Sitechecker.

Tip: Want to delete a page from your site? Remember to redirect the page to another page on your site to avoid broken links!

Create high-quality content

Finally, the easiest way to get links back to your site is to create high-quality content. In fact, if your content is useful, you increase the likelihood that other pages will automatically link to your site.

2- Social networks

Today, the presence of a brand on networks has an indisputable influence on its image. It is undeniable that social networks have become the channels consumers consult when they search for information about a brand or product before making a purchase.

So be sure to create a professional account on social networks that adapts to your target group and takes care of your image there. Answer questions from your (potential) customers and regularly monitor everything that is said about your brand, so you can respond quickly to any criticism.

As with product reviews, buyers always trust customer information and experience. So make sure your online reputation is impeccable!

While page ranking is not directly affected by the social media interactions of your posts, a post that is clicked on, commented on, or shared by your followers increases a post's reach in terms of visibility, audience, and reach of your website.

Create an influencer marketing strategy

One strategy to grow your audience and increase brand awareness on social media is to collaborate with influencers.

The social networks in which cooperation between brands and influencers is most successful are undoubtedly Instagram and YouTube, but it is advisable to choose the appropriate channel for your target group.

3- Forums

In the past, forums weren't always viewed favorably by search engines like Google, spamming for years from a search engine optimization (SEO) perspective. However, forums offer the potential to influence brand perception on the Internet and are thus a good channel for off-page SEO.

In fact, while this channel is not recommended for posting links to your site, forums can help you build your reputation in this area.

Look for forums where questions are asked about your market and participate in those conversations in a non-intrusive way. Create a link with the members of this community and your brand will be affected positively.

4- Customer reviews

Customer reviews are not only an excellent marketing tool but also a key component in creating and maintaining a good online reputation. In addition to improving your click-through rate (CTR) and impressions, customer reviews help search engines better understand your site's content.

In general, the more customer reviews you collect on Google My Business or third-party sites (such as trusted stores), the better your brand will rank on Google.


The essence of off-page SEO optimization is the ability to build a good brand image. These signals are important to search engines and Internet users: the former takes them into account to determine your page's rank in SERPs, and the latter determines whether or not your brand is reliable. Standing out from the competition and paying attention to your image is the key to success in an increasingly competitive market.